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Use Plastic Printing Machine For Sale

1. 55mm hd extruder w/ 2color in-line roto printer new,1 year in use 2. 45mm hd extruder old 3. 35 mm hd extruder old 4. 45mm pe extruder -- big head old 6. Wayland bottom seal cutter 22" old 7. China magic eye cutter old 8. China magic eye cutter old 9. Hot seal sando bag cutter 3 year in use 10. Hot seal sando cutter w/ auto punch 2 year in use 11. 22 " double layer auto cutter new, not in use 12. 30 in. Magic eye cutter new, not in use 13. Neumatic puncher 3 year in use 14. Mechanical puncher 2 units old 15. V-folding machine home made 16. Material mixer, china, stainless jan. 08 17. 4 color auto printer, roto, china new, 6month in use 18. 4 color old printer very old 19. Air compressor big taiwan 15hp. 20. Air compressor small old 21. Recycle machine 90mm new, seldom use

  • Old roto plates 
  • Recylce hd materials 
  • Virgin materials ink alcohol 

Cell#: 09228885765 (sun mobile)

Mailing Machines for Sale

Full Automatic Express Mail Envelope Machine

US $ 50,000 / Set
This is a special equipment to produce express mail envelop of various sizes for EMX,USP and DHL.and the machine is developed to meet the demand of express mail industry,which is developing rapidly

Condition: New
Made in: China
Brand Name: Hengrui
Model: ZF-323
Type: Packing Machine
Application: Express Mail Envelopes
Packaging Type: Cartons
Packaging Material: Paper
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Driven Type: Electric   
Power: 2.2KW
Main Technical Data
Speed 3000-6000pcs/h
Finished product specification 100*150-300*350mm
Applicable paper grammage 200-300g/m2
Power 2.2KW
Weight 2600kg
Dimensions 10000*1180*1580mm

Structure Character
  • Adopt a suction type paper transferring mechanism,so paper can be continuously fed without shutting down the machine.
  • Multi-position checking mechanism is adopted to make the paper transferring accurate and without any mistake.
  • Disk glue applying mode is adopted to ensure applied glue is well distributed and the amount of applied glue can be effectively controlled.
  • Automatic double-sided adhesive tape and easy-to-pull,accurate cutting,stable and reliable.

Contact Information
Name: Ms. Petrel Lu
Telephone: 86-577-63771098
Mobile Phone: 8613706632211
Fax: 86-577-63771198
Address: Sunlou Industrial Zone, Songqiao Town,Pingyang
County Zip: 325409
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Province/State: Zhejiang City: Wenzhou
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Two color offset press with numbering function

New Printing Machines for Sale, Zhongji Rainbow 


PRICE:  US $ 10,000-20,000/ Set
Two color offset press with numbering function ZJ47/56/62IIBNP

Condition: New
Made in: China
Brand Name: Zhongji Rainbow
Model: ZJ47IIBNP
Type: Offset Printer Two Color
Plate Type     Flatbed Printer
Usage: Paper Printer
Automatic Grade: Automatic

Gross Power: 2.5kw
Dimensions(L*W*H): 2910*1000*1400mm
Max.paper size: 470*365mm
Max. printing area: 450*345mm
Plate size: 470*395*0.15mm
Blanket size: 470*420*1.95 mm
Paper type:28-250g/ m2
Number of ink form rollers: 3pcs each unit
Number of dampening form rollers: 2pcs each unit
Printing speed: 2000-8000 sheets/hour
stock: 2

  • Two colors printing finished against one paper passing.
  • With NP function
  • PLC control system
  • Imported Bearings
  • Simens Buttons
  • perforating function

  • Capability: Inking device of each unit has 14 ink rollers including 3 ink form rollers, guarantee the high precise printing quality, and can print double color, which can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.
  • Advanced ink feeding system, consisting of 14 ink form rollers including 3 ink rollers, ensure top quality prints
  • Easily operate: water supplying, ink supplying and platform pressing each units can be finished at different lever with the same handle. Joint pressure of printing rollers is controlled with an electric eye, which is more reliable and easy to be regulated.
  • Accurate orientation: adopt front lay and double-side pull guide for orientations, also install with tune-up devices for feed table, its side lay, plate cylinder, and No.2 unit.
  • Adopt independent ink system and damping system, can freely adjust feeding, best meeting various demands of different printing matters, more suitable for color printings.
  • Presetting counter: automatically stop feeding paper once preset quantity task are completed.
  • Double detect device: detect double sheets and multiple sheets, and automatically eliminate double and multiple sheets.
  • Double turn-around function: ensure the sufficient dryness of ink demanding of special printing matter.
  • Sprayer device: make spraying and printing run in synchronization, prevent printing matter from dirty
  • Centralized oil feed system: more convenient for maintenance
  • Inching device: realize rapid loading and unloading plate, easier operation and better safety.
  • 10) NP: numbering system (it is optional)

Contact Information
Name: Ms. Nina Chang
Telephone: 86-536-8570077
Mobile Phone: 008613345259999
Fax: 86-536-8570022
Address: Yuehe Road
Zip: 261041
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Province/State: Shandong
City: Weifang

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Ricoh World's First Laserjet Printer Refill

Ricoh Come First Laser jet Printer Refilling in The Worlds

Ricoh marks the beginning of its presence in the world's market with a series laserjet printer SP-100 and SP-202sn. This is the first in the world laserjet printer that uses the original toner refill.

Ricoh is a Japanese brand has long been in the copier industry. Long experience in the copier industry that continues to bring innovation to the printer laserjet printer refills.

"The quality Ricoh printer technology can be reliable as well as Ricoh copier technology. Ricoh launches laserjet printer which can be refilled due to see the demand or market trends in world's who love love the concept refill," said Ken Tokuhiro, Senior General Manager of Strategic Marketing Ricoh, in a written statement.

Ricoh SP-100 has the capacity to print up to 10,000 sheets of paper a month, while 20,000 sheets for the type of SP-202sn the first sheet print speed of 6 seconds and a print resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi.

Usage fees low because the device is claimed when using the original Ricoh Toner with content of 80 grams can be used to print 2,000 sheets.

Ricoh SP-100 is a laserjet printer black / white with a pretty view. With dimensions of 402 (W) x 368.5 (D) x 119mm (H) and weighs 6.2 kg, so it is said to be the world's thinnest laserjet printer today.

This small size is very supportive work environment because it does not require a large place unlike inkjet or laserjet printer other types.

SP-100 design even awarded the iF Design Award 2013, the highest recognition of the industry related to the design view of the design world forum.

Meanwhile, Ricoh printer SP-202sn an all-in-one that can be used to print, scan, copy, and can connect to wired and wireless networks.

SP-202sn with high-yield cartridge can print 2,600 sheets of A4 size paper and can print as many as 22 sheets per minute with a capacity of 100 sheets of paper. This printer has 402mmx360mmx291mm size (H) and weighs 9.9 kg.

Ricoh printer market presence in the country would add a festive selection of printer users. In Indonesia, the sole distributor of the Pacific Internusa Ricoh printers.

"The market in world's is very good printer, especially its prospects for printer refills. Therefore we are optimistic to sell as many as 10,000 Ricoh printer until the end of 2013," Richard Pallar Umbar, Director of PT Pacific Internusa.