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Brother History

Brother, Printer Manufacturers Beginning Sewing Machines

Success does not come by itself. Who would thought a trip that is now known as Brother printer products actually starting the business through the sewing machine.

First established in 1908, this Japanese manufacturer built the company named Yasui Sewing Machine Co. Their first business was initially only concerned with servicing the sewing machine.

Brother finally actually mass produce products of their own sewing machine in 1928 and changed its name to Nippon Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co. or now better known as Brother Industries Ltd.

Over time, business travel Brother changed. Companies that originally pioneered the business through product sewing machine is now even better known as a manufacturer of printer.

Brother recently launched A4 printer that also has the ability to print on A3 sheets. Brother claimed as the first such product in the world.

Carrying series MFC-J2510, MFC printer (Multi Function) which also has brought the ability to print with the landscape orientation, claimed to have a compact size compared to other product printers in its class.

But compared to its competitors who also cultivate the same field, the popularity Brother is still below that of its competitors.

Various promo also relied Brother as a lure to hook more customers in world's, as well as increase their brand awareness.

Brother until now has been to serve the requests from 44 countries around the world, which is where the largest percentage share held by the Americas with 31 percent, followed by Europe with 25 percent.

While Japan has a share of 23 percent and the lowest is in Asia (outside Japan) with 19.9 percent. Of the overall figure, dominating printer products, which stood at 68 percent, while the rest is occupied by a variety of other Brother products claim.